She Took Over

Invades my space

Takes over my pillow

Brightens my face

In times of sorrow

Demands my attention

Requires my love

Guidance and retention

Clings to me like a glove

For all I know

For what I thought I knew

Forced me to grow

To live for two

Hair and nerves run free

There’s more important things

Mommy, mommy, mommy

She sings

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  • Gbolabo Adetunji on

    What inspired you to write this beautiful poem?


    • LeTaraWrites on

      My daughter. I had been thinking of writing a poem dedicated to her as a way of cherishing so many precious moments with her.


  • teaismyjam on

    She’s so beautiful!


    • LeTaraWrites on

      Thank you!


  • Jennifer Calvert on

    How beautiful! Lovely poem for your little girl. ❤️


    • LeTaraWrites on

      Thank you!


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