Where have I been? I’ve been trying to be great, as best I can be. If you follow me on social media, namely Instagram, then you’ll know that I’ve been putting more effort into fitness and finance. I’m still curating the stories and poems I’d like to include in my next publication, Sunlight, Coffee & Roses. My first book was a learning experience. I’m glad I didn’t rush to publish this one like I had initially planned. It is too close to my heart. The focus today, however, is the process I’m going through in becoming more fit mentally, spiritually, and physically. I can now make my body move in ways that I couldn’t before. According to my Fitbit, my heart is beating stronger than ever and my stamina has increased. What better way to commemorate this than with a poem! Eventually, I’ll provide details about what I’m doing and how I intend to move forward.

I’m shrinking.

Pulling away from what weighed me down and pushing up into a new way of


What I loved purposely left me weeping.

A tenderized,
Pulverized heart,

But still a heart worth keeping.

And it beats stronger… while the heaviness withers away and as I shrink, I think, “How great it is to be thinner from ‘wait’ loss, patiently hoping for better days, and stronger from the discomfort of willing myself more life.”

© LeTara Moore, All Rights Reserved



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