I’ve chosen to take a more difficult road, forgoing selling my books through the major retailers and selling them directly instead. It is for both financial and personal reasons I have chosen to do this. For one, I want to have as much creative control over my work as possible. Secondly, I’d like to have […]

She plopped down on her bed and stared up at the ceiling. The room was empty with the exception of a couple of suitcases and her mattress. She had to unwillingly release all of her belongings and fit what she could into the suitcases. It was never easy starting over, but she had to.

Well the time has come for “what’s new” And “let’s change” Heartache from yesterday is still within Range The time for “let’s change” is long overdue And all I can say is “Honeychild, I am Through” Still feeling the pain of yesterday ‘cause it’s Hurtin’ me today The only way for tomorrow that statement won’t […]