Where have I been? I’ve been trying to be great, as best I can be. If you follow me on social media, namely Instagram, then you’ll know that I’ve been putting more effort into fitness and finance. I’m still curating the stories and poems I’d like to include in my next publication, Sunlight, Coffee & […]

So many ideas, so little time. I can’t even begin to predict how the next several months will go, but I have high hopes and several things I’d like to accomplish. For starters, my second book, Sunlight, Coffee & Roses (SC&R for short), has turned into something totally different from what I had initially thought […]

There’s always some foolishness involved somewhere. No matter how good you’ve tried to be or how well you’ve tried to straighten your priorities, there’s always something.   For instance, I took an entire year to focus on me and my life’s work. No relationships for me. The last one gave the impression that he cared, […]