Hello and happy Valentine’s day! It has been while since my last post here. However, if you follow me on social media, then you’ve been seeing my recent scribbles. I encourage everyone who follows this blog to also check out my Instagram profile – instagram.com/letaramoore – because that’s where a lot of my new material […]

Invades my space Takes over my pillow Brightens my face In times of sorrow Demands my attention Requires my love Guidance and retention Clings to me like a glove For all I know For what I thought I knew Forced me to grow To live for two Hair and nerves run free There’s more important […]

Never to be denied The thunderous discontent that accompanies being ignored when it really should be feared. Not feared, but revered. How necessary it is to release the rage Destroy comfort, birth a new age. Hydrating life and maintaining onlookers’ humility Making sure everyone’s prepared for the possibility of no stability. Both beautiful and unpleasant […]

Earlier today I went to look for a notebook, knowing that I had many lingering around the house, to dedicate specifically to my poetry, stories, and ideas whenever I’m not in the mood to type it on my computer, phone or tablet. I thought that the majority of my work had been left either in my […]

Well the time has come for “what’s new” And “let’s change” Heartache from yesterday is still within Range The time for “let’s change” is long overdue And all I can say is “Honeychild, I am Through” Still feeling the pain of yesterday ‘cause it’s Hurtin’ me today The only way for tomorrow that statement won’t […]

My love is so deep, so wide, so steep My troubles do linger, they hurt me, never sleep Me, I am, Her is me and me is She My troubles outweigh me but my love My deep, wide, steep love Fits me as tightly as a glove My love is so deep I could drown […]